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Writing for Intelligence Analysis - Blended - Feb 2020

Ended Feb 21, 2020

Full course description

Analysts must be able to clearly and concisely communicate synthesized intelligence from multiple sources.  Effective writers think clearly, draw conclusions, remain objective, employ critical thinking and reasoning, and translate highly complex information into digestible and understandable products.  This course, based on the Intelligence Community Analytic Standards, provides students the opportunity to hone their writing skills in order to present highly effective intelligence products to consumers from tactical to strategic levels.  

This course will be a blend of online and in-residence training. The online portion will involve a writing diagnostic exercise to evaluate existing writing competencies. The in-residence training will further hone skills with personal instruction, practical writing exercises to evaluate and improve the student’s ability to clearly, concisely, and accurately present intelligence.

We strongly recommend taking the Critical Thinking and Structural Analysis course in advance of this course. A program has been created for both, called "Critical Thinking and Writing for Intelligence Analysts."